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Important Update

The deadline for projects of all categories is February 12, 2018 23:59:59. Make sure to add the project abstract and upload the research paper to this website before the deadline. Projects without abstracts or research papers will be disqualified.

For projects of Short Movie category; the completed videos should be uploaded on any Google Drive account and shared with [email protected] e-mail address including a note with the movie title, sub category and mentor name before the deadline. You should also add a description / synopsis and upload the script / scenario to this website until then. Projects without the video or description / synopsis or script / scenario will be disqualified.

The system will not allow any changes to the projects after the deadline. Please be sure to enter and upload all the required information and documents before the deadline.

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Stats from our latest competition - BOSEPO 2018

Category Total
Art 39
Junior 33
Environment 30
Short Movie 22
Others 33
Institution Total
International Primary School of Tuzla 36
Una Sana College 30
International High School of Tuzla 20
International Primary School of Sarajevo 16
Others 55
Mentor Total
Z. K. 24
A. B. 12
S. D. 1
J. H. 8
Others 83